7 Underlying Principles Of Successful HR Tech

Posted on 11 Listopad, 2018 by Nikola Matolínová

Many HR tools emerge but they rarely offer the same level of perfection as the apps we use in our daily lives. Companies that want to

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První pomoc pro pracovní inzeráty

Posted on 22 Říjen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Kvalita pracovního inzerátu může zásadně ovlivnit množství kandidátů. Úspěšnost ovlivní i délka, forma, struktura, odrážky a další zdánlivé detaily. Výhodou je, že formální parametry se dají

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Key Takeways From Talent Acquisition Live

Posted on 5 Říjen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Quick wins for career sites, Dos and don’ts of a great referral program, Chatbots for recruitment, Maximizing email reply rates - these insights and much more

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Embark on an international recruitment tour

Posted on 30 Září, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Nearly a year ago we initiated our international recruitment programs at STRV, beginning with a big trip to Colombia, some smaller events in the US and

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Chatbots in Recruitment, Part 3: Practical tips

Posted on 1 Srpen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

At STRV, we’ve recently implemented three chatbots – and now, our practical experience is yours for the taking. If you’d like an intro to chatbots or

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How To Make A Mobile-Friendly Career Site

Posted on 9 Červenec, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Stop losing your mobile candidates. Users, who access your career site with a mobile device behave differently and you should be ready for them. By applying

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How Are Candidates Really Using Your Website

See How Candidates Are Really Using Your Website

Posted on 14 Červen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Improve your recruitment efforts by first understanding how your candidates are interacting with your content. How? Start using basic analytic tools such as Google Analytics or

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HR ve Startupu

Posted on 11 Květen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Zápis a fotogalerie z akce, kterou jsme v STRV uspořádali pro studenty a další zájemce o HR a startupy. Jaká specifika má HR ve startupu? Jak postupně

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Your complete guide to chatbots in recruitment – part 2

Posted on 11 Květen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

Have you read the previous article about Chatbots? Here’s my continuation from the first bit – with more of a technical focus on the design and functioning of

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Mark Tortorici Shares his Insights on Critical Recruitment Skills

Posted on 8 Květen, 2018 by Matěj Matolín

What skills do successful recruiters need? Will sourcers be replaced by machines? What are Mark’s favorite sourcing weapons? Mark began his career as an IT guy

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