My essential recruitment tools: Mixmax

Email remains the most important communication channel in recruitment. But you can’t be using it the same way you did 10 years ago. It’s now crucial to utilize innovative tools created to unlock new capabilities.

Mixmax turns your email from a static, text-based experience into an automated interactive tool. Sending email sequences, setting automation rules, making appointments with multiple people, sharing multimedia content, having a practical dashboard with all performance KPIs…Mixmax covers everything.

After discovering this tool, it has become a key element of our tech stack at STRV.

Save time with templates

Email templates can be organized into folders, shared with other members of the team, and used for mass emailing. You can upload a list of contacts from an excel or csv file and merge it with the template using placeholders (e.g. first name, company name, and so on). It’s similar to Merge Contacts in MS Office.

Users can schedule the sending of emails, select their preferred form of tracking (open, clicks), and log the conversation into their CMR or ATS. A great feature is the possibility to track and compare the performance (open, click, and reply rates) of each template.

Increase your reply rate with sequences

Sending emails in sequences can increase the reply rate by more than 50%. With Maximax, you can easily create several stages of an email sequence and set up specific rules (e.g. if there’s no reply from the recipient after X days, send the next email). Similarly to templates, sequences can be well-organized and tracked.

You can also create automated email workflows based on triggers (called ‘rules’ in Mixmax). For example, when a candidate confirms the interview time, Mixmax can send an email with practical information; it can even advance the person to the next stage in your ATS. This is possible thanks to Mixmax’s numerous integrations.

Mixmax can also trigger different replies based on keywords used in the incoming email. I haven’t found the best use for this yet, but I expect it to one day become a more advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) feature that will allow combining email and chatbot capabilities.

Schedule interview quickly

MixMax has several features that can tremendously help you with scheduling interviews. For a 1-1 meeting, there’s an “Insert calendar link” feature. The candidate can click on the link, see your availability, and select the spot that works best for him/her. Once this is done, the meeting is booked in both of your calendars.

Alternatively, your availability can be inserted directly in the email. It’s super comfortable for the candidate, who can select the most suitable time with one click.

You can set up several meeting templates – each of them with its own link – and then share whichever one you want with the candidate. Every meeting has a different name, duration, location, and description. You can add fields that the candidate must fill out during the booking process – like his/her Skype username.

You can also set up a scheduling logic. For example, define the available times (only certain days and time slots) or define a buffer time between events.

To improve the candidate’s experience, you can set up a sequence of emails that is sent at a certain time before the event. For example, 24 hours before an on-site meeting, a candidate can get instructions regarding directions to your office, the dress code, useful documents about the company, and so on.

While booking 1-1 meetings can be a headache, booking meetings with several participants is a nightmare. It can become an incredible waste of time.

Mixmax has a cool feature that allows you to open multiple calendars, choose availabilities that work for everyone, and share them with candidates. Once one spot is selected, the meeting is booked in all participants‘ calendars.

Use polls and voting

You can also include a poll in your email. It’s a great way to ask for feedback from an event’s attendees. Having the poll directly in the email can be more comfortable for people than being asked to follow a link to a website.

But there is an even more interesting use for the poll feature: At the end of a reach-out email, you can ask candidates whether they’re interested in getting more information. When they click ‘Yes’, a second email is automatically sent.

People are not used to such features yet, but I believe they will soon become the norm because they make responding to emails much easier.

Integrate Mixmax with your ATS

Today, recruitment teams use various different tools – which is why every new app must have the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing ones. Mixmax allows plenty of integrations. Here are a few examples of integrations that we use:

Integration with Greenhouse allows bulk-emailing to Greenhouse contacts. You can set up a rule in Mixmax through which, if a candidate replies to an email, he/she will receive an email template and will be moved to the next stage in the ATS.

Another integration we use is with Amazinghiring, which allows to easily bulk-email sourced contacts.

Make Gmail more powerful

Mixmax has a Gmail plugin that allows you to easily enhance your messages. The plugin adds a menu to include features such as polls, meetings, link previews, videos, gifs, and more. You can also schedule emails, include tracking pixels, and log conversations into your ATS.

A really cool feature is to instantly record a video (e.g. a message to a candidate) and add it to the email with one click. So simple.

Mixmax has several pricing plans that you can check here. At STRV we pay 200$ / month for two entreprise licences and it’s really worth it. Thanks to Mixmax we were able to bring our e-mailing to a much higher level.

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