Amazing Hiring with messaging superpowers

Recruiters and sourcers often struggle in finding the right messaging tool. Usually, they combine various plugins to track email openings, manage email scheduling, templates, and email sequences. Those working with Outlook are even more unlucky as the choice of Outlook extensions is quite limited.

Amazing Hiring is now coming with an all-in-one solution to augment its sourcing tool with advanced messaging features.


To start, you should connect Amazing Hiring with your emailing tool – Gmail or Outlook 365.

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Once this is done, you can send messages to candidates directly from Amazing Hiring and use the full range of new messaging features:

  • Create email templates with personalization variables, such as first name, current company, and so on.
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  • Contact candidates directly from their profiles thanks to a new „Compose message“ button.
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  • Bulk emailing to multiple candidates.
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  • Share email templates with your recruitment team
  • Set up email sequences (followup emails) that are sent in case the recipient doesn’t reply. The delay between sequences can be adjusted.
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  • Quick tagging of candidates based on their engagement status (sourced, contacted, replied, not interested).
  • A comprehensive dashboard to track candidate activity: if the candidate has opened or viewed your message, as well as replied to it.


New messaging functions cover basically all that a recruiter needs. Say goodbye to chrome plugins, additional paid tools or switching between various apps. With Amazing Hiring you can do the messaging effectively from one place.

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